Working from home? The right posture and how to get it right

Working from home? The right posture and how to get it right - Celia Phillips Yes, I know this is a fight physio blog. We target a combat audience, some of us are bag assassins and mat magicians by night, but some of us have regular desk jobs by day! Celia is a physiotherapist working at Physio-Logic. I got her to write a little opinion piece on working and sitting desk posture. Now that the pandemic has shoved a lot...

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Your shoulder evolution and why you may be hurting it more!

Your shoulder evolution and why you may be hurting it more! - Ryan Yang Ryan is a physiotherapist at Physio-Logic. His disciplined nature means he is regimented, trains often and audits us constantly to make sure we are consistently keeping our practice evidence based. However, his banter-ful nature balances him out well. I have invited him to do a little story telling on the brief history of humankind! When early humans came down from the tree in the savannahs of...

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Michael Phelps has visible cup marks from cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy – The Safe Way In NZ

Cupping Therapy - the Safe Way In NZ - Cindy Lee 26 August 2020 Cindy is a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner who is a part of the Physio-Logic team. Her experience and training provide her with a different skill set from our physiotherapy team that is much welcomed! She challenges our point of view often, and works with plenty of combat athletes alike. Your practitioner needs to know where to send the traffic light engineers - no point fixing...

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“My ankle’s sprained, but I want to run” | The Fight Physio Blog

“I’ve sprained my ankle but I want to run.” - Lily Sullivan 26 Aug 2020 Lily Sullivan is a physiotherapist working at Physio-Logic. She enjoys hip hop dancing and playing the saxophone. Her experience working at Physio-Logic including coming into contact with combat athletes, strongman athletes, as well as everyday folk who simply enjoy running. Her commentary comes from her experiences working with her clients.    Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries recorded. An ankle sprain generally...

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6 July 2020 Injuries in MMA | The Fight Physio Blog

Gabriel is a sports physiotherapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. His credentials include a Bachelor in Health Science Physiotherapy, Postgraduate Certification in Sports Medicine, and Postgraduate in Western Acupuncture. He runs Physio-Logic, a physiotherapy company with multiple branches across Auckland. His resume of clientele includes multiple athletes from a wide variety of sporting disciplines including rugby, rugby league, motorcycle racing, triathlon, badminton, power lifting, strongman, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Fighting is like a game of chess, and you want...

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Physiotherapist and MMA client pose for photo

What a well trained physiotherapist can do for MMA Performance | The Fight Physio Blog

“If you perform 5% less on a daily basis due to inefficiencies in your training, you’ll be losing out on an accumulative 182.50% over the course of 1 year, and over the average 20 year career of an athlete, they wonder why there are some people that are that much better than them even with the same hours of training each week”. Importance of Physiotherapy for Combat Athletes Gabriel is a sports physiotherapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. His credentials...

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Video still of Physiotherapist showing how to improve back stability

Ep.6: Lower Back Stability

[embed][/embed] Lower back stability is extremely important. Here, we are demonstrating how the pelvic angle should be, and a simple exercise to improve lower back stability. When we stand on the ground and our feet is completely flat, our pelvis should be aligned. Where it aligns, is the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) should be level with our Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS). When we get a sore lower back, a common appearance is when our pelvis is tilted forwards,...

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Gabriel what he would do to optimise his body

Ep.5: Push Ups Are Awesome!

[embed][/embed] Push ups are awesome! For fighters, you will require the muscles trained by a push up in your MMA career. Bracing from takedown defense, take downs, as well as posturing up. In my honest opinion, the push up is one of the single best exercise anyone can do! Its an easy exercise to do anywhere, it has no cost, and it takes bugger-all time to complete! Not only does it work the pecs and the triceps during the movement,...

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Ep.4: BREATHING! feat. Dan “Hangman” Hooker

[embed][/embed] Breathing. Breathing is absolutely important and it is one of the primary functions we do to stay alive. It allows us to get our oxygen requirements, an essential component when we train and when we recover. Here, we have UFC fighter and dear friend Dan 'The Hangman' Hooker demonstrating. To be efficient at breathing, we need to breath in through our nose, and out through our lips. What we are trying to do is breath in and fill in...

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