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Video still of Physiotherapist showing how to improve back stability

Ep.6: Lower Back Stability

[embed][/embed] Lower back stability is extremely important. Here, we are demonstrating how the pelvic angle should be, and a simple exercise to improve lower back stability. When we stand on the ground and our feet is completely flat, our pelvis should be aligned. Where it aligns, is the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) should be level with our Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS). When we get a sore lower back, a common appearance is when our pelvis is tilted forwards,...

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Gabriel what he would do to optimise his body

Ep.5: Push Ups Are Awesome!

[embed][/embed] Push ups are awesome! For fighters, you will require the muscles trained by a push up in your MMA career. Bracing from takedown defense, take downs, as well as posturing up. In my honest opinion, the push up is one of the single best exercise anyone can do! Its an easy exercise to do anywhere, it has no cost, and it takes bugger-all time to complete! Not only does it work the pecs and the triceps during the movement,...

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Ep.4: BREATHING! feat. Dan “Hangman” Hooker

[embed][/embed] Breathing. Breathing is absolutely important and it is one of the primary functions we do to stay alive. It allows us to get our oxygen requirements, an essential component when we train and when we recover. Here, we have UFC fighter and dear friend Dan 'The Hangman' Hooker demonstrating. To be efficient at breathing, we need to breath in through our nose, and out through our lips. What we are trying to do is breath in and fill in...

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Gabriel in a video talking about hips and high kicks infont of a blue logo and door

Ep.3: Hips and High-kicks

[embed][/embed] A question a kickboxing coach asked me: a common trend I see with beginners when practicing high kicks, is the more they practice, the harder it seems for them to kick high. One of the answers to that is hip mobility. Last episode we covered on the importance of joint mobility, and here is another example of how we can improve our technique by improving mobility. Rather than looking at our kicking leg, lets focus on our planted leg....

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Optimise your body using physio

Ep.2: Flexibility Vs Mobility And How It Relates To Injury

[embed][/embed] A study was released in 2017 concluded that physical injuries are common among athletes competing in capoeira and bodybuilding, and that limited joint flexibility was a common trend.¹ For years, the terms flexibility and mobility has been used interchangeably for years. However, in recent years, the two terms have been pushed to be separated. My personal definition of the terms may vary from others, but in this blog post, I would define it to better explain the correlation between...

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Prevent Knee Injuries

Ep.1: Knee injuries, and how you are going to prevent it

Shuttle Running, Knee Injuries, and Prevention [embed][/embed] Introduction Shuttle running is a high-intensity exercise that offers several benefits, including improved speed and agility, increased fitness, and strengthened muscles. Despite its benefits, shuttle running can also result in knee injuries due to the fast-paced, high-impact nature of the drill. This blog will focus on the knee injuries that can occur during shuttle running and provide tips for preventing them. Knee Joint Structure The knee joint is a hinge joint that moves...

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