Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad?

Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad? | The Fight Physio Blog So there was a fairly viral post regarding cupping therapy in UFC fighters, and a correlation was made that all the fighters on the card with cupping marks ended up losing their fight. photo: MMA Sound via Facebook Here is a quick summary of my view on the matter: - I am not fully versed in TCM, but here is my take on it. Cupping therapy has...

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Shoulder Evolution- Why You May Be Hurting It More

Your shoulder evolution and why you may be hurting it more! - Ryan Yang Ryan is a physiotherapist at Physio-Logic. His disciplined nature means he is regimented, trains often and audits us constantly to make sure we are consistently keeping our practice evidence based. However, his banter-ful nature balances him out well. I have invited him to do a little story telling on the brief history of humankind! When early humans came down from the tree in the savannahs of...

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6 July 2020 Injuries in MMA | The FPB

Gabriel is a sports physiotherapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. His credentials include a Bachelor in Health Science Physiotherapy, Postgraduate Certification in Sports Medicine, and Postgraduate in Western Acupuncture. He runs Physio-Logic, a physiotherapy company with multiple branches across Auckland. His resume of clientele includes multiple athletes from a wide variety of sporting disciplines including rugby, rugby league, motorcycle racing, triathlon, badminton, power lifting, strongman, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Fighting is like a game of chess, and you want...

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What a well trained physiotherapist can do for MMA Performance | The Fight Physio Blog

“If you perform 5% less on a daily basis due to inefficiencies in your training, you’ll be losing out on an accumulative 182.50% over the course of 1 year, and over the average 20 year career of an athlete, they wonder why there are some people that are that much better than them even with the same hours of training each week”. Importance of Physiotherapy for Combat Athletes Gabriel is a sports physiotherapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. His credentials...

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Ep.3: Hips and High-kicks

[embed][/embed] A question a kickboxing coach asked me: a common trend I see with beginners when practicing high kicks, is the more they practice, the harder it seems for them to kick high. One of the answers to that is hip mobility. Last episode we covered on the importance of joint mobility, and here is another example of how we can improve our technique by improving mobility. Rather than looking at our kicking leg, lets focus on our planted leg....

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