Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad?

Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad? | The Fight Physio Blog So there was a fairly viral post regarding cupping therapy in UFC fighters, and a correlation was made that all the fighters on the card with cupping marks ended up losing their fight. photo: MMA Sound via Facebook Here is a quick summary of my view on the matter: - I am not fully versed in TCM, but here is my take on it. Cupping therapy has...

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Michael Phelps has visible cup marks from cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy – The Safe Way In NZ

Cupping Therapy - the Safe Way In NZ - Cindy Lee 26 August 2020 Cindy is a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner who is a part of the Physio-Logic team. Her experience and training provide her with a different skill set from our physiotherapy team that is much welcomed! She challenges our point of view often, and works with plenty of combat athletes alike. Your practitioner needs to know where to send the traffic light engineers - no point fixing...

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