Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad?

Cupping Marks On UFC Fighters, Good or Bad? | The Fight Physio Blog So there was a fairly viral post regarding cupping therapy in UFC fighters, and a correlation was made that all the fighters on the card with cupping marks ended up losing their fight. photo: MMA Sound via Facebook Here is a quick summary of my view on the matter: - I am not fully versed in TCM, but here is my take on it. Cupping therapy has...

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Tennis Elbow – Do you play tennis? | Fight Physio Blog

Tips and tricks for the infamous Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow is the feeling of pain on the outside of your elbow when gripping and/or lifting something, and gradually builds over time. This injury does not necessarily come from playing tennis! We often see office workers, labourers, weightlifters and racket-sport athletes who develop tennis elbow. In combat sports, we commonly see them in pad holders and commonly boxers as well. Here are a couple of tips and tricks on how to...

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Lower Back Pain! Perception Vs Reality

Lily is a physiotherapist at Physio-Logic. Her expertise targets a wide variety of clientele, from athletes to retirees. She has currently signed up to Wimp To Warrior, a 26 week adventure taking a complete newbie to having their first MMA fight!    Your disc hasn’t slipped - it ain’t no banana Peel!   According to the World Health Organisation, low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal problem globally.[1] It has been reported that 28-40% of people who have low...

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Optimise your body using physio

Ep.2: Flexibility Vs Mobility And How It Relates To Injury

[embed][/embed] A study was released in 2017 concluded that physical injuries are common among athletes competing in capoeira and bodybuilding, and that limited joint flexibility was a common trend.¹ For years, the terms flexibility and mobility has been used interchangeably for years. However, in recent years, the two terms have been pushed to be separated. My personal definition of the terms may vary from others, but in this blog post, I would define it to better explain the correlation between...

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Prevent Knee Injuries

Ep.1: Knee injuries, and how you are going to prevent it

[embed][/embed] Shuttle running, knee injuries, and how you are going to prevent it. Shuttle running, (aka court sprints, beep test, suicide runs) is a simple and easy exercise with loads of benefits! This includes building your speed and agility, increase your conditioning fitness, as well as strengthening up your muscle structures around your lower extremities. It is clear high intensity interval training (HIIT) is useful, and shuttle running is a great addition to your training routine. Burn calories faster, improve...

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