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What Are The Different Types Of Physiotherapy

The main goals of the healthcare profession of physiotherapy are the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various physical problems. There are numerous physiotherapy treatment options that can be explored based on the specific requirements of the patient. Here are some of the most common types of physiotherapy treatments: Sports Physiotherapy Sports physiotherapy deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained while participating in sports and other physical activities. Athletes might benefit from this kind of physiotherapy to...

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Will Physiotherapy Help Arthritis

The Importance of Physiotherapy in the Care of Arthritis The care of arthritis, a disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide, depends heavily on physiotherapy. The term "arthritis" refers to joint inflammation, which can cause discomfort, stiffness, and restricted mobility. There are various different varieties of arthritis, each with their own origins, symptoms, and therapies, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. All forms of arthritis can be effectively treated with physiotherapy, which can also improve joint function and general...

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Is ACC Physio Free?

ACC Coverage for Physiotherapy in New Zealand In New Zealand, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) pays the cost of physiotherapy for specific incidents. You may be eligible for physiotherapy treatment that is partially funded by ACC if you were hurt in an accident that is covered by ACC, such as a car accident or an accident at work. Claim Process for ACC Coverage Patients must go through a process to obtain the coverage, as it is not automatic. Starting this process...

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Is Physiotherapy Free In NZ?

Cost of Physiotherapy in New Zealand In New Zealand, patients must pay for visits out of pocket or through private health insurance; physiotherapy is not a free service. In New Zealand, the public health system does not provide coverage for physiotherapy, thus patients are responsible for covering these costs. Factors Affecting the Cost of Physiotherapy in New Zealand In New Zealand, the cost of a physiotherapy appointment might differ based on a variety of variables, such as the clinic's location,...

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Do You Need a Referral For Physio NZ?

Self-Referral for Physiotherapy in New Zealand To consult a physiotherapist in New Zealand, you normally do not need a prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider. Typically, patients can schedule a direct appointment with a physiotherapist. Therefore, you have more control over your healthcare and are able to seek treatment as soon as you become aware of a problem or injury by being able to self-refer to physiotherapy. Circumstances Requiring a Referral for Physiotherapy in New Zealand A referral...

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UFC 281 The Fight Physio’s Journey Part 2

UFC 281 The Fight Physio's Journey Part 2 Writing this on the plane home is a bittersweet summary of the trip I was fortunate enough to experience. On this trip since our last post, I ran through a few experiences; taking a subway to cross states, working through the night to 3am, meeting the health dream team for the team, watching a combat event at the meca Madison Square Garden, watched a Broadway show on Broadway, experienced multiple subway breakdowns...

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The Fight Physio and UFC281

The Fight Physio and UFC281 I'm writing this blog on my flight from Auckland to New York, on the 3rd longest flight in the world, Air New Zealand's newest flagship route. Somehow I was afforded an upgrade to Sky Couch, essentially a full row of seats that the leg rest folds up to make a short bed. Being allowed to sit up, legs spread across the row while watching a hilarious movie, is a luxury. Makes up for being in...

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