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Is ACC Physio Free?

ACC Coverage for Physiotherapy in New Zealand

In New Zealand, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) pays the cost of physiotherapy for specific incidents. You may be eligible for physiotherapy treatment that is partially funded by ACC if you were hurt in an accident that is covered by ACC, such as a car accident or an accident at work.

Claim Process for ACC Coverage

Patients must go through a process to obtain the coverage, as it is not automatic. Starting this process is filing a claim with ACC, your therapist at Physio-Logic can open this claim on your behalf. When the claim is approved, the patient is given an ACC number and a portion of your physiotherapy session is covered for.

Limitations of ACC Coverage

The number of physiotherapy sessions that ACC will pay for has a cap, therefore patients should confirm the specifics of their coverage with ACC or the physiotherapist. Furthermore, patients may still be liable for other expenses related to their treatment, such as the cost of transportation to and from appointments, even while ACC covers physiotherapy treatment.


In conclusion, ACC pays for the cost of physiotherapy in New Zealand for some sorts of injuries, but it’s not automatic; patients must file a claim and present the required documentation and the number of physiotherapy sessions covered by ACC is limited. Patients should speak with ACC or the physiotherapist to confirm the specifics of their coverage.

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