Unlock your movement

Auckland’s Premier 1-on-1 Performance Therapy Practice

Physio-Logic is a movement clinic that bridges the gap between physiotherapy and sports performance, utilising a range of effective treatment methods to treat injury to enhance performance.


A substantial aspect of our clinic's services involves not only the rehabilitation of patients but also the maintenance of their physical well-being to prevent future injuries.

Our goal at Physio-Logic is to ensure that you perform at your best potential when preparing for any type of competition. Additionally, our team can provide effective crisis management in case of an injury just before a competition, ensuring that you are still able to compete and perform at the highest possible level.

Using our experiences working with elite level athletes, our treatment techniques have been modified to work with every individual, regardless of body composition, age, or athletic ability, to get the best performance to live everyday life.




Your personal physiotherapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain.


Using a mix of tradition and modern acupuncture techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Home + Gym Based Programming

Your therapist will tailor a scientifically proven exercise programme to suit your performance and rehabilitation requirements, utilising our state of the art gym equipment at our facility, or with everyday home items you have access to.