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Look no further, we are within reach! Our three locations are Physio-Logic Ellerslie, Physio-Logic Eden Terrace and Physio-Logic Mt Wellington.

Physio-Logic provides high-quality services to help manage your body pain, improve mobility and balance. We can help you with a range of therapies including Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Functional Performance Therapy and Acupuncture. We are ahead of the COVID curve by providing contact-less Teleconference Consultations.

Have you had an accident? We can provide you with the very best care. Your sessions might be subsidised by ACC and access to us may be more affordable than you might think. Find out if you are eligible by calling us on 0800 756 750 or filling out this form. Our talented team of professionals can help you with an accurate diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation followed by providing injury prevention advise going forward.

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Think and live positive ...

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BBM's Fit to Fight is a programme for getting people off the couch and into a training programme, and having a goal of a boxing match at the end!
Getting people motivated to do something life-changing is inspirational. Thanks Dave Letele aka Brown Butterbean for using your experience and your platform to do some good for the community.
We are proud and grateful to have been a part of this journey with all you BBM competitors! You are all winners tonight!
Dave Letele

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COVID-19 Update Alert Level 1 Auckland

Due to recent government announcements, our clinic locations are open for in-clinic appointments.

As we are a health based service, we still strongly recommend precautions while opening at Level 1, therefore we will be implementing the following:

Mask wearing - in keeping with recommendations, we strongly recommend you wear masks. Should you not have one, we have disposable masks for purchase at our clinics. Our therapists will be wearing a mask should we come within 2 metres of you.

Contact tracing - please use your smartphone to lodge your visit with us, our QR tracing code posters are posted at the entrance of our clinics. We have a manual sign in sheet should you not have the app available.

Screening - We will be asking 2 questions upon entry: 1) Have you been tested positive for COVID-19? 2) are you currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? Should either of these are yes, we will continue our appointment via video conference instead.

We wish you all good health, and let's strive to maintain a safe community!