Our focus at Physio-Logic is to help individuals and athletes return to their sport or activity at the highest level possible. 

We offer individualised, 1-on-1 care to a wide range of diagnoses and injuries.

Physiotherapy Treatment Prices


Neck pain and injuries

Tension headaches
Everyday neck pain
Concussion management
Motor vehicle injuries (whiplash) 
Low back pain

Lower back pain and injuries

Lumbar instability
Disc herniation / surgery
Trauma related back pain

Hip pain and injuries

Hamstring tear
Labral repairs
Femeroacetabular impingement (FAI)
Hip replacements
Adductor tendinopathy

Wrist and hand injuries

Ligament instability
De Quirvains and Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Mallet finger, dislocation or fractures

Knee pain and injuries

Ligament sprains
ACL reconstructions
Meniscus repairs
Jumper's knee
Patellofemoral related injuries (knee cap)
Knee replacements

Ankle pain and injuries

Ankle sprains
Chronic ankle instability